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Subject: Comments on UBL-1.0beta from the Danish eCommerce WG


Unsure exactly where to post our input to UBL-1.0beta, I'll drop them here
to ensure they'll get out 14 days before the next meeting. Please advise me
if this is not correct. Also I'm unsure of the format, but here they are in
text format.

Addition to Invoice
An extra element "BuyersReferenceID" - [0..1] 
Description: Buyers internal reference. Fx. buyers internal account-string,
originating from an orderline. Has nothing to do with the item but is for
automatic accounting.
XML Schema Type: xsd:string, xsd:minLength value="1", xsd:maxLength

Addition to AllowanceCharge
An extra element "Amount" - [0..1] 
Description: an absolute amount
XML Schema Type: AmountType



Brian Nielsen 
Enterprise Architect
IT Strategy Division 
bni@itst.dk <mailto:bni@itst.dk>
Phone: +45 33 379 134 (direkte)
National IT and Telecom Agency 
Holsteinsgade 63 
DK-2100 København Ø 
Phone: +45 35 45 00 00 
Fax: +45 35 45 00 10 
itst@itst.dk <mailto:itst@itst.dk> 

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