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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: k.wesling@conxpert.de

Name:Kai Wesling
Title:Manager Development
Organization:conXpert GmBH & Co KG
Regarding Specification:V2.0

I would also like to see more possibilities to add Prices. I like the changes made to the BasePrice element, especillay the addition of the PriceType. So with this, I think the cardinality of BasePrice could be expanded to unbounded with the remark, that different Prices should be distinguished by different PriceTypes. Perhaps the PriceType could be related to a codelist (e.g. EDIFACT codelist)

Regarding codelists. Will there be a list of codelists used? Regarding especially the stated codelist for the units: The PCE unit is a simple addition to the recommendation 20 made by the EANCOM specification which is often used in current EDIFACT exchanges. Would it be possible to extend the codelist used or introduce different codelists and use a codelist qualifier like in UBL 1.0?

I'd like to expand the notion of the CopyIndicator or suggest an additional indicator to state that a document is a test document, which seems very important in integration of business processes. Has there been any talk over some TestIndicator Element or such like?

The Note element has a cardinality of 1. I would like to have it a cardinality of unbounded. First you can then include notes in different languages and second one is able to include several notes which each then consist of a functional element (paragraph). Additionally one could have an attribute with a NoteType so one can state which function this note is for. (Like FTX qualifiers in EDIFACT) (one use would be in the invoive to claim legal remarks needed by the fiscality, like 'The invoiced items stay in posession of ...' and 'Prices stated remain under revision from additional conditions and ...'. One could distinct them by introducing line feeds, but this destroys the correlation of the different sentences.

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