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Subject: Re: [ubl-comment] UBL invoice (more...)

into UBL there are of course a set of mandatory business entities, but I 
think you have to ensure you have filled the required data following 
your country regulations as UBL constraints could not be sufficient for 
all cases.

Using the UBL Swinger tool I mentioned before the mandatory data is 
showed using bold labels (on XSD you have the same as an attribute 
"minOccurs >= 1")
The red color is showing a mandatory business entity has not been 

For a well designed specification I suggest you to consider a specific 
profile of UBL Invoice like those available at NES 
(http://www.nesubl.eu/), you have to read about NES 2.

There are also further subset of UBL like SystML 2 

SystML 2 is also included inside UBL Swinger by selecting the catalog 
and then choosing the invoice document.



Jonas Jasas Jr. ha scritto:
> Hello,
> Is there an example of xml invoice with required tags?
> I am new to xsd and can't  figure out how to see all required tags for
> UBL invoice.
> Thank You for your help!
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