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Subject: Re: [ubl-comment] Comment UBL : Use semantic of measures in Supportof electronik exchange of business documents

Dear Mr. Kruglikov,

Thank you very much for your comment.

Regarding the URL you provide for your earlier communication with
Patrick Gannon (who is no longer employed by OASIS):


This URL does not resolve to any existing document.  I note that
the directory ubl-csc/200302 does not exist and that the ubl-csc
mail list would have been an inappropriate location for this
communication in any case.  After some searching, I found a copy
forwarded by Sue Probert to the UBL LCSC list at


I also find a response to this earlier draft sent from me to
Patrick Gannon 4 February 2003 that reads as follows:

| Patrick,
| I do not see anything in Professor Kruglicov's paper that would
| materially increase access to business data among the users for
| whom UBL is intended.  UBL is intended for use by people who
| already understand and are familiar with the common documents of
| trade such as purchase orders and invoices and who use only one
| set of agreed-upon UBL schemas in their regular relationships with
| trading partners.  I do not believe that such users would find
| benefit in access methods beyond what could very easily be
| programmed by anyone with knowledge of the schema.  It is true
| that many users will require UBL documents to be displayed in a
| familiar form, but we are already working on a package of such
| stylesheets for this purpose that should be appearing within the
| next week or two.
| I thank Professor Kruglicov for his interest in our work and
| invite him to contribute comments on the schemas as specified in
| the notice accompanying the release of Library Content 0p70.
| Best regards,
| Jon

I apologize for Patrick if he failed to forward that earlier

Regarding to references to "measures" in the paper attached to
your message of 15 November 2010, you should be aware that UBL is
designed to separate the structure and labeling of business
information items (the correctness of which is enforced through
XML validation) from constraints on their values (the correctness
of which is typically enforced in downstream processing).  While
in a larger sense this division is artificial, from a practical
point of view it optimizes the near-term transition from paper to
electronic documents.  In any case, it is a deliberate and
intentional design feature of UBL in its present incarnation.

If you wish to pursue your approach in a standards setting, I
suggest that you join OASIS as an individual member and seek the
formation of a new Technical Committee to further develop it.  You
may also find the work of the OASIS Quantities and Units of
Measure Ontology Standard (QUOMOS) Technical Committee of


Best regards,

Jon Bosak

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