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Subject: 'subsetPlus' for UBL 2.1 (Like UBL SBS but extended to validate UBL2.1 examples)

Previously I sent a set of schema files for a possible UBL
subset like the Small Business Subset, minimally sufficient.
Here, attached, I have extended that subset, where the
subset for each document comprehensively covers all
of the BIEs used in the corresponding UBL 2.1 examples
for those same document types. I called it 'subsetPlus'.
(By 'comprehensively' I mean that if, say, a BIE is added
to CreditNote then it is added to Self-billed CreditNote too.) 
It's a proof of concept for a 'level 2' kind of UBL 2.1 subset
which could complement a basic subset such as a 'Small
Business Subset' for UBL 2.1 (as a 'level 1' subset).
This is just to explore the possibility that more than one
subset level could cover the most general requirements
of most users of UBL, for any who do not fall within the
typical target audiences for the BII and OIO subsets, etc.
[To add further document types still would require more
domain knowledge than I have available to me.]
Stephen D Green


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