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Subject: Suggestion for a basis for subset profile conformance clauses

Suggestion for a basis for subset profile conformance clauses
In the UBL 1.0 Small Business Subset were clauses which
I found later to be very difficult to test precisely and this
might make conformance testing and conformance claims
problematic. The introduction of conformance clauses in
recent standard specifications is to aid interoperability and
promote adoption through the clarification of what it means
for an implementation to conform to a standard specification.
To promote adoption of subsets for the OASIS Universal
Business Language it is important to include a conformance
clause of set of clauses and I would suggest that a subset
conformance clause should target more than just the UBL
documents (Invoice, Order, etc) themselves but also there
should be a conformance clause for a sending system, one
for a receiving system instead of or in addition to the clause
for conformance of the documents themselves. I would like
to suggest as a basis for the clause for the conformance
target of sending system conformance to a set of statements
which amount to the sending system being able to send a
certain set of BIEs in a given document, as defined by the
subset schema for that document. I would suggest that a
basis for a clause for the target of a receiving system would 
be a conformance clause requiring that the system MUST
NOT reject a document merely because of the presence in
it of any of the BIEs as defined by the subset schema (or
list of BIEs, e.g. given as a set of XPath expressions).
As a simplistic example, if a subset contains BIEs X,Y,Z of
which Y and Z are mandatory and X is optional, there could
be a set of specification requirements to the effect that the
sender system MUST be able to send all BIEs X, Y and Z
in sending that particular document (even though only Y
and Z are mandatory in any given document of that type).
A conformance clause for the target of the sending system
would mandate these particular statements as necessary
for the conformance of that system. A set of statements that
target the receiving system would require that the system
MUST NOT reject a document of that type merely because
it contains BIE X or Y or Z. A conformance clause for the
receiving system would make the statements mandatory
for conformance by such a system. There would be a set of 
statements for each conformance target that the documents
of that type MUST contain BIEs Y and Z because these are
Such conformance clauses and this focus on testability may
help to promote adoption of any given subset and contribute
to successful adoption and interoperable implementations.
Best regards
Stephen D Green

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