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Subject: ASN.1 version of the UBL schemas for PRD3D5

Hi Ken,

Here are the ASN.1 schemas as requested for UBL 2.1 generated from:


which was obtained from:


There are two zip files.  One contains the individual ASN.1 files in text
format.  The other contains a single html file with all of the ASN.1
modules in a single file with cross-reference hyperlinks.

Please note that any reference to France Telecom for generation of the
HTML should be removed the associated pages.  They no longer make their
PrettyPrint tool available to the public.  Note that the HTML is not
needed for someone implenting UBL using ASN.1.  The HTML is provided for
the reader's convenience.
Paul E. Thorpe                                 Toll Free    : 1-888-OSS-ASN1
OSS Nokalva                                    International: 1-732-302-0750
Email: thorpe@oss.com                          Tech Support : 1-732-302-9669
http://www.oss.com                             Fax          : 1-732-302-0023

Attachment: ASN.1-UBL-2.1.text.zip
Description: ASN.1 in text format

Attachment: ASN.1-UBL-2.1.html.zip
Description: ASN.1 in html format

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