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Subject: Re: [ubl-comment] UBL 2.1 version is approved?

At 2013-05-02 09:53 +0200, Elena Pastor wrote:
UBL 2.1 version is approved?

It is close to being approved, but it is not approved at this time. It is approaching the fourth public review process, after which it will be a Committee Specification. At that point the committee will go through the process of making it an OASIS Standard. We are working as fast as we can.

Document Invoice UBL 2.0 is compatible with Invoice UBL 2.1?

All UBL 2.0 invoice documents will validate with UBL 2.1 invoice schemas. The changes to UBL 2.1 were made in such a way as to ensure existing UBL documents would still be schema-valid with future UBL schemas. It is our intention always to maintain this backward compatibility: all UBL documents of any given minor revision will be valid UBL documents for all following minor revisions.

Of course it does not work the other way: an unmodified instance of UBL 2.1 will not validate with UBL 2.0 schemas when it includes constructs that are not defined in UBL 2.0. If, however, the UBL 2.1 instance is not using any new-in-2.1 constructs, or such new-in-2.1 constructs are removed from the instance, the result can validate with UBL 2.0 schemas. This testing and pruning is illustrated in the UBL 2 customization guidelines in figure 24 in section 4 on validation:


What are the main differences in Document Invoice??

The many extensive changes to the UBL document structures are summarized as part of the latest UBL 2.1 specifications, but these are not called out specifically for just the invoice document:


You may find it easier to review the new Invoice structure through the published HTML reports:


Note that general developer questions can be directed to the UBL community by way of the UBL-Dev mail list:

        ( http://www.oasis-open.org/mlmanage/ )

Good luck in your work with UBL!

. . . . . . . . . Ken

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