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Subject: Re: [ubl-comment] UBL path - Romanian currency_2

At 2014-02-25 10:51 +0000, dario.avolio@enel.com wrote:
Hi, It seems that the path UBL manages the currency of Romania as "ROL" and not "RON".
RON Romanian currency took effect since 2005 in place of ROL.
Is available an upgrade of UBL path with RON as Romanian currency?
Thanks a lot

Dario Avolio

329 9560968 (MOB)
e-mail: <mailto:dario.avolio@enel.com>dario.avolio@enel.com

Thank you, Dario, for your post today to UBL Comment. Your perspective of this question as a fault in UBL is understandable and so the use of this particular list is appropriate. Using this list obligates a formal answer from the committee, and I'm pleased we can help you with that today. My committee colleague, Kees, and I have prepared this response.

In the future, however, you may find using the community mail list UBL-Dev is also appropriate for such questions. There are many on that list who would want to jump at the chance of answering user questions such as these.


You don't mention which version of UBL you are using, but from what I can tell, you are using UBL 2.0:

      <Value ColumnRef="code">
      <Value ColumnRef="name">

   <xsd:enumeration value="ROL">

At the time, UBL used UN/CEFACT schema-expressed code lists. Shortly thereafter I used your use case of changing currency symbols (but using the Turkish Lira) to illustrate the inherent problems in using schema-expressed code lists for value validation:


In UBL 2.1 we no longer use any schema-expressed code lists. UBL 2.1 strictly adheres to the premise that code list values are an aspect of value validation and not schema validation.

You will find that UBL 2.1 uses "RON" in the second-pass value validation:

     <Value ColumnRef="code">
     <Value ColumnRef="name">
        <SimpleValue>New Romanian Leu</SimpleValue>

Note that the UBL 2.1 schemas will validate your UBL 2.0 instances because the UN/CEFACT code list schemas are removed. By design we made sure that there is backwards compatibility for the structure and expression of existing UBL instances with new versions of the schemas. By relying on second-pass value-validation, the same UBL schemas can be deployed in multiple "UBL Customizations" where business rules dictate different values for UBL information items. All users of a specific UBL Customization agree amongst themselves which code list values are to be used during document interchange.

I hope you find this helpful.

. . . . . . . . Ken

p.s. It happens that this very use case with the 2005 New Romania Leu is cited on page 48 of my code list book, that is available for free download on a "try and buy" basis at http://www.CraneSoftwrights.com/training/#pcli

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