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Subject: Re: [tab] Re: [ubl-comment] UBL Naming and Design Rules Version 3.0

At 2015-04-28 17:01 -0400, Patrick Durusau wrote:

is about as inelegant as is possible in English prose! Sorry! I will try to clarify.

I read the documentation conventions to mean:

All *.1 subclauses are normative. (normative prescriptive rules in the first subclause)

All *.2 subclauses are non-normative. (non-normative UBL 2.13 Documents, libraries, components and extensions application of those rules in the second subclause.)



And I understand that the declared non-normative stature of clause 3.2 is inherited by subclauses 3.2.1 through 3.2.4. If such inheritance is not implied, then absolutely the editors are obliged to go in and declare the non-normative stature of those subclauses. But if the inheritance is implied then I think it unnecessary to duplicate the declarations.

If we are missing each other on that point, let me know so we can get together there before I go any further.

Hope the comments were helpful!

Absolutely, yes, and I hope you know how appreciative we are of your efforts.

. . . . . . . . Ken

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