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Subject: Duplicated fields in Genericode file

In the UBL 2.2 distribution ZIP file there is a file:-




contains a row:-



<Value ColumnRef="code">



<Value ColumnRef="name">

<SimpleValue>French gauge</SimpleValue>


<Value ColumnRef="description">

<SimpleValue>A unit of distance used for measuring the diameter of small tubes such as urological instruments and catheters.</SimpleValue>


<Value ColumnRef="description">

<SimpleValue>Synonym: French, Charrière, Charrière gauge</SimpleValue>


<Value ColumnRef="levelcategory">



<Value ColumnRef="conversionfactor">

<SimpleValue>0,333 333 333 × 10⁻³ m</SimpleValue>


<Value ColumnRef="symbol">





which contains two <Value ColumnRef="description">s.


The description of Genericode does not specify what should happen when

a columnref is duplicated in a row - should the values be concatenated

or should the duplicate be ignored? There are of course multi-line

value already, so it is unclear why one would need two means of

achieving the same result.


There other duplicates in this same file. However none the other

GC files distributed with UBL 2.2 have this problem/feature.



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