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Subject: Re: [ubl-comment] How an invoice references a particular version of a Party (ex Question about the BusinessCard object)

Il 12/10/2017 16:46, David Goodenough ha scritto:
The only remaining problem is how say an Invoice references a particular version of a Party, but that is a matter for the other thread I opened yesterday.

Hello David,

you are right, there is no version for a Party information, we have version only in the UBL-BusinessCard that we use to send Party information.

So the solution is at the implementation profile level. Implementers (user groups) must agree a way to update Party information when it's needed.

There are several choices for that:

1) Send a new UBL-BusinessCard (with a new Version)

2) Specify in the Invoice implementation profile specification that the SupplierCustomerParty information must be used as a first source for updating both accounting and invoicing systems. Into this case the recipient will be constrained to check any single invoice to see if are there any changes in the Party data.

Of course the (1) is cheaper in terms of time and software efforts.


Roberto Cisternino
UBL ITLSC, chair

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