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Subject: Re: [ubl-comment] Open Banking API

Hi David,
you may contact Tony Coates,

Sorry i can't find a direct e-mail anymore, but in the upper address you can find a contact.


Il 10/11/2017 16:40, David Goodenough ha scritto:

In January next year UK banks are mandated to introduce a common API for banking, the Open Banking API. Most seem to have committed to implementing version 1.3 of the standard for what it is worth.


This is much like ISO-20022 in intent, but JSON rather than XML and considerably simpler. Being simpler it is aiming at what would otherwise being done by online banking web sites, not complex financial instruments which ISO-20022 is capable of. However it should (I hope) be capable of doing what is needed for UBL payments, and RemittanceAdvice objects.


Has anyone done any work mapping Open Banking to UBL? Fortunately the documentation for Open Banking makes reference to ISO-20022 and seems to have made an effort to share terminology with it so it should not be too hard. But rather than reinventing a wheel I thought I would ask first, and only dive in if no-one else is working on this.



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