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Subject: Requirements gathering for a future UBL 2.3: CR for ContractAwardNotice- rank of WinningParty

The element cac:TenderResult/cac:WinningParty/cbc:Rank assumes that the Rank information is unique for all lots to which the tenderer has submitted a bid. The Lot information can be found only in the cac:TenderResult/cac :Contract also assumes that a Contract element pre exists the Contract Award Notice to be able to provide lot information.


The same approach as the Call ForTenders should be taken.

Have a cac ProcurementprojectResult  in the root that is the composition of  an optional element  cac:ProcurementprojectResult  /cac:ProcurementprojectLot (0…n) and cac:TenderResult  would allow to manage different results per Lot for one tenderer.




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