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Subject: UBL v2.1 JSON Schemas

Hi All,


I have been looking at the Universal Business Language specification and the JSON schemas.


I found that some schemas that seemed invalid against the JSON schema specification 0.4 - 0.7.


I’ve summarized the encountered issues below. Just wanted to check if this is intended and if so, why? Else, we just wanted to let you know.


  1. Most of the schemas have a misplaced “additionalProperties” keyword.


  1. “additionalProperties” placed as child of “properties”, for example: file UBL-UnqualifiedDataTypes-2.1.json, line 207
  2. though not prohibited, the “additionalProperties” keyword for type “array” has no meaning. An example: file UBL-CreditNote-2.1.json, line 58


  1. The “format” keyword with value “date-time” is used together with a “pattern” keyword, but the pattern does not match a valid “date-time” format.


According to JSON Schema specification the date-time should comply to ISO 8601 and consist of:                                full-date T full-time

But this will never match some of the patterns. For example:


                File UBL-UnqualifiedDataTypes-2.1.json, at line 218, defines a property called “DateContent” and the “format” : ”date-time” keyword is used.

                The regex pattern at line 226:   ^-*[^T:-]+-[^T:]+$

will not allow the ISO 8601 date time, where the time part is required with ‘:’ separators.



Best Regards,


Adam Wojnakowski

Trace Financial Ltd.















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