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Subject: Some improvemens on cac:InstructionForReturnsLine

Dear all,

my name is Manuel Toniato and I am a system integrator inÂFiloBlu,Âan Italian Ecommerce company. In FiloBlu we adopted UBL as our lingua franca since 2017 for all the integrations related to the ecommerce world (we integrated Magento, Netsuite, SalesForce, SAP...).

These days we are implementing the return integration and we are using theÂInstructionForReturns document.

In our opinion this document type seems a little poor compared to the others (Orders or Invoice for example) especially with respect to the cac:InstructionForReturnsLine.
We think that it can be improved very easily by adding elements that are already present in other documents. Some proposals:
I would have many other suggestionsÂrelated to the usage of UBL in the Ecommerce world but I'll letÂthem toÂfurtherÂmessages.

Thanks for the attention.



Manuel Toniato
System Integration

FiloBlu S.p.A.
Via Caltana 116/C
30030 Santa Maria di Sala
Venezia - Italia

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