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Subject: Doctor contact, medicaldirectory, and physiciansguid

The United States Health Care DATABASE

The United States Healthcare Database is a comprehensive
NEW product that is offered exclusively on a limited-time
basis.This complete database includes all hospitals,
HMO's,group medical practices,nursing homes,and
physicians in the country.

In a rapidly-changing industry, current healthcare
information is an invaluable resource to businesses and
organizations. The United States Healthcare Database
includes comprehensive information on more than 7,000
hospitals,25,000 nursing homes and 400,000 doctors not
to mention HMOs and Group Medical Practices.

It is the most extensive and reliable mailing list and
database of key decision makers in the health care market.
Imagine the increase in marketing and sales effectiveness
made possible by targeting the key contacts by name.
If reaching the right decision maker is critical to the
success of your direct marketing campaigns, then this
is the product.

Each record is indexed by such features as name, address,
phone and fax. The database is available in Excel
format on CD Rom. It is designed for mailing lists and
merges. The data can be selected by state or other
criteria such as type of practice. It can be used on an
unlimited basis.

During this introductory offer, the cost of this
completely new database (which is available exclusively
on CD-Rom) is $575.00 (reg. $1,495). An annual
subscription (includes six editions) is available now
for $825 (reg. $2,995)

To order The United States Health Care Database(c),
please complete the information below and
fax it to this number or leave a voice message

1 309 213 9480

[ ] I would like to order United States Health Care
Database ($575). Please invoice me.

[ ] I would like an annual subscription
(six editions at $825). Please invoice me.










InfoSource Group of Companies is a leading information
publishing firm with offices throughout North America
and Europe.

To be removed from the database please follow this link,

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