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Subject: Re: [ubl-csc] Summary of my confusion in 0.80 vis-a-vis London decisions

At 2003-06-26 20:49 -0700, Jon Bosak wrote:
>I'm just glad that you and Chee Kai seem to be arriving at
>some common understanding about all this.

Unfortunately, I do *not* have a _common_ understanding yet, because what 
Chee Kai tells me is in direct opposition to what Eduardo, Arofan and I 
were debating in London.  Eduardo and Arofan were debating it with me with 
such conviction, and Chee Kai is so emphatic in his position.

Hence my request for a citation to a definitive description of the UBL 
decision regarding local/global with examples ... so I could figure out 
which of their arguments I didn't understand.  It seems I was the source of 
the problem in my debate with Eduardo and Arofan.

Reviewing LCSC postings again, I just found in:


the quote from Chee Kai "the way it was done in 0p70 was mostly 
preserved".  This was in response to a question by Tim and there appears to 
be no contention.  So the vociferous around-the-room debate and comments in 
London, and the minuted decision on @ID and @CODE, and the exasperation 
expressed by some at the conclusions now baffle me as to what exactly we 
were disagreeing about.

However, understanding or not, at least I can proceed with what I see in 
0.80Draft3.1 and the sample instances in:


where I see in the Joinery Invoice instance:


No-one seems to be challenging the accuracy of these instances or the 
document models upon which they are based.  Anyway, they are structured 
they way I would like to see them!

Thanks again for your patience.

.................. Ken

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