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Subject: Re: [ubl-csc] chnages in OASIS TC operation


Sending the input only to the chairs certainly does close the process,
unless the chairs want to be in the position of being mail forwarders.
Seems like it could create a bit of a bottleneck, but must be what
Karl is expecting - that the chairs will forward to the appropriate
non-comment list.

Just FYI, we actually did ask Karl for this forms functionalialty
('we' meaning myself and others in the UBL TC) as a way to better
manage the incoming comments for UBL .70.  But this was because we
weren't following the TC process at that point (and didn't want to).
It could be, though, that he's simply responding to that request
for better tools, without considering the impact of the part about
who the input goes to.  What's strange is that when we asked
originally about a forms-based interface for comment submission
way back then, he did mention that our requested would not be
following OASIS process since OASIS required that all input be
sent to the comment alias.  Perhaps he's changed his mind on that.

This is also seems antithetical to the work he is doing to replace
parts of Kavi with a more 'open' system, though.  I wonder if he's
thought through the ramifications of this change if the form input
doesn't go back out to the list.  It would be a simple change to
make to have that happen.  I don't see any drawbacks (and lots of
pluses) if that was the way it was implemented (input via form,
output to comment alias).

I also didn't realize the comments alias was not for discussion.


Tim McGrath wrote:

> there is a new section in the revised OASIS charter that states:
>> The TCs public comment list is replaced with a means to collect 
>> public comments, which will be a web form. (This is to prevent the 
>> comment list from being used as a discussion list.) Comments 
>> collected by the web form will go to the chairs. I'm having the web 
>> forms built now and will announce to the comment lists when this 
>> change will take place.
> i take this to mean that the ubl-comment list will disappear. i 
> understand OASIS's motivation here but it does in effect 'close' the 
> process.

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