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Subject: Re: [ubl-csc] chnages in OASIS TC operation

Anne Hendry wrote:
> Hi,
> Sending the input only to the chairs certainly does close the process,
> unless the chairs want to be in the position of being mail forwarders.
> Seems like it could create a bit of a bottleneck, but must be what
> Karl is expecting - that the chairs will forward to the appropriate
> non-comment list.
> Just FYI, we actually did ask Karl for this forms functionalialty
> ('we' meaning myself and others in the UBL TC) as a way to better
> manage the incoming comments for UBL .70.  But this was because we
> weren't following the TC process at that point (and didn't want to).
> It could be, though, that he's simply responding to that request
> for better tools, without considering the impact of the part about
> who the input goes to.  What's strange is that when we asked
> originally about a forms-based interface for comment submission
> way back then, he did mention that our requested would not be
> following OASIS process since OASIS required that all input be
> sent to the comment alias.  Perhaps he's changed his mind on that.

No, he's changed the process ;)

> This is also seems antithetical to the work he is doing to replace
> parts of Kavi with a more 'open' system, though.  I wonder if he's
> thought through the ramifications of this change if the form input
> doesn't go back out to the list.  It would be a simple change to
> make to have that happen.  I don't see any drawbacks (and lots of
> pluses) if that was the way it was implemented (input via form,
> output to comment alias).

I've sent him mail today requesting precisely that.

> I also didn't realize the comments alias was not for discussion.

No one other than Karl has ;)

> -Anne
> Tim McGrath wrote:
>> there is a new section in the revised OASIS charter that states:
>>> The TCs public comment list is replaced with a means to collect 
>>> public comments, which will be a web form. (This is to prevent the 
>>> comment list from being used as a discussion list.) Comments 
>>> collected by the web form will go to the chairs. I'm having the web 
>>> forms built now and will announce to the comment lists when this 
>>> change will take place.
>> i take this to mean that the ubl-comment list will disappear. i 
>> understand OASIS's motivation here but it does in effect 'close' the 
>> process.
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