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Subject: Initial FCS draft

Hello Packaging Team,

As part of 1.0 packaging, I've been considering how we're going to
decide which pieces go directly in the zip file, which live
outside, and how to reference either category.  Here are what I
consider to be some basic principles and a very rough initial
draft showing how they might work out in practice.  (Note: I have
not yet attempted to convert this to XHTML; for right now it's
just HTML 4.0.)



Basic principles:

 - Nothing goes into the package that will go stale during the 1.0
   life cycle (so tools and stylesheets have to be external

 - Nothing is left out of the package that was needed to produce
   the 1.0 schemas (so methodology, the NDR document, and the CL
   document have to be included, as do credits for tools and
   pointers to tool sites; whether to put the customization
   guidelines inside the package is an open question).

 - External specifications used to build 1.0 (e.g. CCTS 2.01) go
   in "Normative References".

 - Everything that is normative goes in the body of the master
   document; everything that is not normative goes into an
   informative appendix.


 - That GEFEG, Ontogenics, and CraneSoftwrights will maintain
   sites at their given URLs for the lifetime of the 1.0 spec.

 - That UBL will maintain a current listing of UBL tools
   (especially free tools such as the xmlroff package) at a
   persistent URL linked from the TC page.

Proposal for prose pieces:

 - All the prose pieces not actually part of the master document
   should go into a subdirectory called doc/, and references
   between them should assume that the target is in the same doc
   directory (so that, for example, a reference to the NDR doc
   from the customization guidelines is simply a link to a file in
   the same directory).  In the plan outlined below, files in doc/

      Code List spec [as applied to 1.0]
      Naming and Design Rules [as applied to 1.0]
      Customization Guidelines

 - To implement this plan, we need to decide on persistent names
   for these files in 1.0 so that everyone knows how to make links
   between them.

Proposal for master document structure:

   See Appendix A.4 in the draft attached.


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