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Subject: RE: [ubl-dev] The announcement of RELAX NG Schema library for UBL 1.0 Beta

Hi Tom,

Thanks for your interest in our study.

We notice some problems in the current RELAX NG UBL schemas such as
the lack of informations for supporting schema customizations and 
versioning. We are developing the new version to solve these problems 
and updating for approved UBL 1.0. 



At 09:25 2004/03/18 -0500, Tom Gaven wrote:
> Hiroshi,
>   Thanks for doing this... It will give me the opportunity to investigate
> UBL for our B2B exchange, once I convert to the RelaxNG Compact Syntax!  :) 
>   I hope the UBL committees add your work to their document set.
>   Fantastic!
> Tom 

Hiroshi Naito, Osaka Institute of Technology <http://www.oit.ac.jp/>

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