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Subject: Re: Beguinners question. Schemas and .scx doubt

At 2004-05-11 16:09 +0100, Pedro Alves wrote:
>     I downloaded UBL version 1.0, and looking at the .xsd references I
>cannot find the complete component name.
>     eg: <cac:BuyerParty>. Looking at the .scx, where can I find the cac:

By XML Namespace rules, you will find the URI string associated with the 
"cac:" prefix in an ancestral element in the instance document.  By 
convention through the UBL project we have adopted a documentary namespace 
prefix for consistency where we do not use the default namespace (though 
the prefixes are not, themselves, standardized and never should be for any 
XML vocabulary).

So, looking in the Order schema UBL-Order-1.0.xsd I note in the document 


And, looking later on in the same schema I see:

     <xsd:element ref="cac:BuyerParty" minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1">

And in UBL-CommonAggregateComponents-1.0.xsd I note:


using the default namespace so then unqualified elements are from the same 
namespace and sure enough I find:

     <xsd:element name="BuyerParty" type="BuyerPartyType"/>

This is all consistent with appropriate use of 
http://www.w3.org/TR/xml-names11 Namespaces in XML.

So, the "complete component name" that you are asking for is:


(note that the above notation of brace brackets is merely a documentary 
convention and is not an official representation of the two components of 
an XML information item that has a namespace URI string.)

Of course the prefix used is totally arbitrary and would work if you used 
the prefix "giraffe:".

>     ps: are there any EDIFACT <-> UBL xslt/classes already built?

I haven't heard of any regarding transformation between EDIFACT and UBL.

We have two UBL deliveries in our list on our web site: a one-hour lecture 
and a one- or two-day hands-on workshop on the schemas.  In the workshop we 
address exactly the item you identified so that students can better read 
the schemas and know what is needed in their XML documents.

But ... we haven't finished writing the course yet and as I am busy writing 
stylesheets for UBL I do not have an estimated date when the new hands-on 
course will be ready to deliver.  Please watch our web site or drop me a 
line off-list to let me know to send you a notification when the course is 
complete and ready to deliver.

XSLT is usually taught generically (as we do) and you can see lectures and 
hands-on courses there.  I was the founding chairman of the XML Conformance 
Committee and of the XSLT Conformance Committee and over the years I have 
refined our training materials to be thorough and (I believe) 
helpful.  There are testimonials on our site and a record of the last 78 
deliveries world-wide of our XSLT lectures and hands-on materials.

I note you are writing from Portugal.  Based on a scheduling change I may 
be teaching XSL in Malaga soon, but I'm afraid it won't be a 
publicly-subscribed course as I'm being hired to deliver a private 
corporate delivery of my material.

I hope this all helps.

.............................. Ken

North America (Washington, DC): 3-day XSLT/2-day XSL-FO 2004-03-15
-          (San Francisco, CA): 3-day XSLT/2-day XSL-FO 2004-03-22
Asia        (Hong Kong, China): 3-day XSLT/2-day XSL-FO 2004-05-17
Europe       (Bremen, Germany): 3-day XSLT/2-day XSL-FO 2004-05-24
Instructor-led on-site corporate, government & user group training
for XSLT and XSL-FO world-wide:  please contact us for the details

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