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Subject: EDI to UBL

Dear all,

We are working in the implementation of UBL 1.0 in different scenarios in
Spain. One of the sectors we are working with have some companies that are
still transacting electronically with EDI messages based on the UN/EDIFACT

Now, we are proposing them the use of UBL for those of their trader partners
who are not able to setup an EDI environment, based on ease of use and
economical criteria. Those companies have received our proposal with a high
degree of approval.

So, as the EDI users need to receive documents in EDI format and new trader
partners are sending messages in UBL format, we need to develop a data
mapper between EDI and UBL, and we are starting with the Invoice.

In that scenario we have some questions that need to be answered:

1.- In EDI there are many roles defined by NAD 3035 Party qualifier element.
And so herein Spain, the EDI users use some of those qualifiers to establish
basically the following items:

	a) From the Buyer point of view
		The Buyer
		The people who asked for the goods
		The Invoice recipient
		The payer
		The goods recipient
		The document recipient
	b) From the Seller point of view
		The seller
		The provider
		The invoice issuer
		The payee

As in UBL there are only two main Parties, the SellerParty and the
BuyerParty without a qualification, we would like to know how we can map
those different EDI parties in UBL. 

The different options as long as we can see are:

	1) Using AdditionalAccountID in BuyerParty or SellerParty. The
problem with that way is that we cannot qualify the ID.
	2) Incrementing the Party cardinality inside the BuyerParty or
SellerParty. That way we also need a party qualifier inside the party.
	3) Locate each different role in its correspondant localization. For
instance, the payer can be placed in
cac:PaymentMeans/cac:PayerFinancialAccount/cac:ID. The problem with that
approach is the disability to define that party attributes.

We are looking forward to hearing from anyone who can give us an advice on
how to implement that EDI to UBL mapping.

Best regards.

Oriol Bausà Peris


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