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Subject: Handling UBL schema with XMLSPY

I'm just a beginner on UBL....
After downloading .zip file containing UBL documentation I tryed to open the sample Invoice xml file with XMLSPY.
The following error occurs on the file "UBL-UnspecializedDatatypes-1.0.xsd" refering the "AmountType" type.
"Undefined component  "base" encountered. SimpleContent can't have a base thai is a complextype with complexContent"
Is it something wrong in my XMLSPY configuration or is there a workaround to introduce?
Kind Regards,

Roberto Freccia

Delta Progetti 2000 S.r.l.


Via Fontevivo, 25

19125 La Spezia (Italy)

)Phone      : +39.0187.599603

)Fax         : +39.0187.563634

)Mobile     : +39.348.5267789




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