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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] Call for participation: UBL 1.1

John & anybody else,

It's pretty obvious that UBL is probably alive and well.

But what has happened with ebxml? that doesn't seem to
be making the same rate of progress forward.

Might it be true that the only good thing to come out
of ebxml is actually UBL?


Quoting jon.bosak@sun.com:

> Hello UBL community,
> With the ratification of UBL 1.0 as an OASIS Standard, work is now
> beginning on UBL 1.1.  In this phase, scheduled for completion at
> the end of 2005, the emphasis shifts to deployment of 1.0 and
> enhancements to an already completed initial specification.  This
> transition provides an excellent opportunity for anyone who wishes
> to get in at the beginning of what promises to become a
> significant web technology.
> The following UBL team and subcommittee positions are currently
> open:
>    TC secretary: takes minutes, keeps attendance records, helps
>    maintain the UBL TC web page
>    UBL Software Subcommittee (SSC): implementations,
>    interoperability, best practices, documentation, internal
>    workflow
>    UBL Human Interface Subcommittee (HISC): UBL input forms and
>    output formatting
>    NDR Team: maintaining and enhancing the UBL Naming and Design
>    Rules
>    Code List Team: further developing the ground-breaking UBL code
>    list specifications (joint project with NIST eBSC)
>    Liaisons: from organizations wishing to work with UBL,
>    especially ones that wish their requirements reflected in UBL
>    1.1
>    Localization Subcommittees: helping with our existing Chinese,
>    Japanese, Korean, and Spanish LSCs, or forming a new one for
>    the languages we haven't covered yet
>    The UBL TC itself: policy, submission screening and processing,
>    Q/A
> Face-to-face UBL TC meetings for the coming year include:
>    Feb 2005 in Washington, D.C.
>    May 2005 in Beijing
>    Aug 2005 in Ottawa
>    Nov 2005 in Santa Clara
> Attendance at the face-to-face meetings is encouraged, but regular
> phone conferences make it possible to meaningfully contribute to
> the work without traveling.  The TC meets every week in two
> two-hour sessions, one intended for members in the U.S. and
> Europe, and the other intended for members in the U.S. and
> Asia-Pacific.  The "Atlantic" TC call takes place every Wednesday
> at 08h00-10h00 in San Francisco (16h00-18h00 in London), and the
> "Pacific" TC call takes place every Thursday at 08h30-10h30 in
> Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, and Perth (09h30-11h30 Thursday in
> Tokyo and Seoul, 16h30-18h30 Wednesday afternoon in San
> Francisco).  The teams and subcommittees hold additional weekly
> calls at times designed to accommodate the schedules of their
> participants.
> Participation in OASIS TCs is limited to OASIS members or
> employees of OASIS member organizations.  Individual OASIS
> memberships are still just USD 250 per year, and organizational
> memberships begin at USD 1000 for nonprofits.
> If you are an expert in XML, data input/output, EDI, or a
> particular business domain, and you wish to join the UBL 1.1
> project, please contact me at the address above.
> Jon Bosak
> Chair, OASIS UBL Technical Committee

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