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Subject: Best practise for entering multiple uri's in an ebXMLdocument?

Would anybody help me?

I'm putting together part of a spec which
requires me to provide an example of how
to enter both a message payload namespace
and a secondary uri (in this case for a 'subset')
into a typical ebXML document (e.g. BPSS,
CPPA or ebMS).

I've chosen (on advice) the BPSS document
and have simply added the second uri after
the first with a space between. 

I have the following questions:

1.    Is this the best practise way 
   a.    to specify the finer payload details - in the BPSS?
   b.    to use pace separated uri's? (it seems a little ambiguous
          to do this - without a way to show that the first is the
          payload schema namespace and the second is a
          further metadata specification uri)
2.    I've done this with a version of BPSS 1. Would this 
be different in BPSS 2? 
3.    Would it be too early to be documenting examples of 
anything in BPSS 2? 
4.    Is there a way to do this with CPP/CPA docs
or would it simply be sufficient to rely on the reference
to a BPSS or equivalent?
5.    Is there a way to do this with ebMS 3? (or is
it sufficient to rely on the reference to the CPA?/BPSS?)
6.    Is it too early to document an example for ebMS 3?
7.    If too early for ebMS 3, how would one do this for
the previous version?
8.    Has anyone any real world experience of this sort
of thing and willing to share how they did this?
9.    How would this be done with CAM say?  - One for DW :-)
10.  Is it too early to be talking at all of best practise for this sort
of thing?

I'd appreciate any answers to any of the above.

Many thanks

Stephen Green

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