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Subject: Re: Preparing for UBL


| As I recall there is version 1.0, 1.1, and SBS... so that is three
| that I know about.

UBL 1.0 was released as an OASIS Standard in November 2004.

UBL 1.1 was our name for the next version of UBL, due out at the
end of 2005.  We've since realized that we will need to make some
changes to our schema structure that will require us to call this
UBL 2.0.  It's still due out at the end of 2005.  It does not yet
exist in any form.

SBS is a profile of UBL 1.0, not a UBL release.  It is a work in
progress that has not yet been reviewed by the UBL TC.  It will
add no new schemas to the UBL 1.0 set.

Earlier you said:

| With so many versions of UBL being released, it's difficult
| sometimes to keep track and syncronised. UBL is very
| much a moving target for software developers.

So far I count one (1) UBL release.  Could you explain how this
presents you with a tracking and synchronization problem?


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