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Subject: RE: [ebxml-dev] Multi Language XML Invoices


we have also met with this problem at the mapping of Hungarian eInvoices to
UBL. Maybe some kind of "LanguageIndicator" could be inserted into the
schema to solve this...




I have a question about how to handle multi langues XML invoices.

We sometimes get the request to send a customer an invoice in an other
language than the language he recieved (he recieved a dutch invoice, but
wants a english invoice)
Example's are product names (Telefoon vs Telephone), destinations (Belgie vs
Belgium) etc

Where should this logic be?
Should I regenerate the XML in a different language? 
have the translations in the XSLT?
have all possible languages in the XML?

Or am I totaly on the wrong path here?


Kees Duvekot
Business Analist

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