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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] Identifiers

I think that it was the kind of thinking
behind a rule that in UBL 1.0 all
IDs and Codes were declared locally
where they occurred in schemas (CAC
or document) rather than in the CBC.
However that caused problems when
customizing or adding minor version
schemas by XSD derivation so it is
being changed for the next UBL release
(sceduled for a year from now).

If you customize by derivation based
on UBL 1.0 all is well for the most
part but if you compare an instance from
the customized version with one from 
UBL 1.0, if both are valid, you'll see 
differences in the prefixes for IDs and
Codes declared in document schemas.
This makes it less satisfactory if you
had hoped to validate the same instances
from the customized schemas since you
not only need to change the schema
location values but also a few of the

In an improved design in the next release
I hope you'll be able to have customized
schemas which validate both original and
customized instances (with just the change
of the schema location if the instances 
include that). 

All the best


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Subject: [ubl-dev] Identifiers 

> Hi,
> I'm interested to know why Identifiers are only realised down in the 
> Common Aggregate Components schema rather than there being a generic 
> Common Basic Component Identifier?
> Is this because Identifiers only really gain context when they are used 
> in a BIE (if that makes sense)?
> Cheers,
> Fraser
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