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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] How to 'glue' two instances having different schemas?

Stephen Green wrote:

>A recent comment from Bryan R prompted a response
>from UBL suggesting that one attaches further, non-UBL
>data to the UBL document using an outer document
>and I suggested using the UN/CEFACT ATG2 
>Standard Business Document Header perhaps. That
>might be one way. 

I usually don't comment on this list but I feel compelled to pipe up 
now.  The ATG2 Standard business Document Header is a piece of work that 
never should have been started IMO.  It is nothing more than a simple 
envelope at best with a name on it.  The original purpose of the work 
was grounded in flawed logic - somehow you have a blob of ones and zeros 
floating around behind your firewall that you do not know what it is, 
cannot read anything but you can miraculously read this header and it 
tells you all you need.  It is a simple element with an enumerated set 
of names, not yet aligned with any business process ontology.  Are we 
now going to start lengthy working groups for each and every element?  
Let's start one for the Invoice Total element and put out a 27 page 
document on that one element.  Bah!!!

If you do use this approach, just create an outer element with the name 
of the transaction from you process map using the upper camel case 
convention.  W3C Schema xs:import works well for the rest.


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