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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] Treasury Tag Pattern: to 'glue' two instances having different schemas


Good articulation of the use case below and limits on XSD.

But you can create a CAM template that does what you want
and formalizes the information exchange precisely.

And you can has sub-assemblies that use <include>
facilities to pull in standardized components as needed too.

The trading partners can use the CPA to specify the CAM
template and agree to the context parameters that control
the variances they need in the structure layouts.

BTW - since the Hermes ebMS is now integrated with
jCAM via XML DOM pointer passing - you can do this
in production today by adopting this technique as we
demonstrated as part of the XML 2004 interop' last year.

Thanks, DW
----- Original Message ----- 
> Since we are avoiding use of xsd:any
> and since we have any number of different
> schemas which might be imported, we
> cannot have (can we?) any one single
> schema defined but have to create one
> for each combination of imported
> schemas. This is obviously a weakness
> since it gives the reciever of a message
> little control (apart from trading agreements)
> over the top part of the combined instance.

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