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Subject: Modelling internal documents with UBL v2.0

I am new to UBL (but not to XML) and am looking to model five documents to be generated by one of our systems that will be converted into faxes to be sent both internally and externally. I looked for standard XML vocabularies for such documents and naturally found UBL.
The documents are Purchase Order, Remittance Advice, Request for Quotation, Warehouse Requesition and Request for Delivery (expedite letters for ordered items outstanding). The first three map directly to their UBL namesakes. 
The other two are not so simple. My instinct is that Warehouse Requisition is really a type of order where the seller is another part of our organisation. I'm not sure about Request for Delivery. I suspect that UBL-Order may model it as well but I'm don't know if these requests can refer to multiple previous orders. Does this sound reasonable or have I missed a document type?
I may also ask questions about how to cope with UBL's complexity. The range of choices appear overwhelming at first and I am looking for some best-practice or common-practice advice in using documents and common components. That advice may be from the list or from resources you recommend.

I really appreciate any help you can give on any of these matters.


Michael Strasser
Enterprise ICT Architecture
Brisbane City Council
Brisbane, Australia

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