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Subject: UBL and CCTS: Improvement interoperability ?

Dear all,

I have been following the developments of the CCTS groups lead by the SAP people for more than a year.
I have from the beginning been trying to understand how this improves interoperability between two communication partners, standards and systems.

After reading the version 3 specification today over again I finally believe I have captured the essence of the specification, at least the basic things that enable interoperability. If I have understood it well it all comes down to using the same Core Data Types and Business Data Types as defined in the Data Type Catalogue for defining the BIEs and so on used in messages.

Now I have been looking for the ways different standards (Rosettanet, UBL , OAGIS, ...) that have adopted the CCTS implemented the CCTS. The basic naming rules (DEN) seem to be adopted by most of those organizations. However what I could not find is an example of the key concept that improves interoperability, the use of the core and business data types.

Either I still do not understand what SAP and the UN/CEFACT is aiming at OR these organizations have not yet completely adopted the CCTS. This raises the question whether one is willing to commit themselve to a grammar that is managed by the UN/CEFACT / SAP.

What is the status of implementing CCTS within UBL and / or OASIS ?

Kind regards
Danny Gaethofs


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