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Subject: RE: NDR ODP5

Dear All,

As a reminder, commentson the public review version are due by 20
September.  Please ensure you review the specification and submit
comments soonest so that they may be reviewed and incorporated prior to
the expected release of ODP6 subsequent to the ATG F2F the week of the
23rd of September.

Kind Regards,

-----Original Message-----
From: Crawford, Mark 
Sent: Sunday, August 10, 2008 11:19 PM
Subject: NDR ODP5

Dear all,

ATG is pleased to announce that the NDR v3p0 is now at ODP5 - public
review. This version incorporates CCTS 3.0 and sets the stage for the
forthcoming UCM. It has been developed in partnership with
repreesentatives from a number of standards development organizations
who have committed to its adoption.

The public review period will run from now until 20 September 2008.
Comments in the form of:
 line number, current text, proposed text, reason for change, submitter
should be sent to michael.rowell@oracle.com and mark.crawford@sap.com.
Perfered file format is excel, but any format is accepted.

The document can be downloaded from:

The secretariat is asked to post this information on the UN/CEFACT

Kind Regards,

Mark Crawford
Standards Architect
GEPG Standards Management and Strategy
SAP Labs 
Mobile: (703) 485-5232

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