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Subject: [ANNC] XML-Spreadsheet for UBL v1.0 IDD draft Available

*2008 Sep 19*

XML-Spreadsheet for the multilingual translation table work done in UBL 
v1.0 IDD (International Data Dictionary) draft spreadsheet is now 
available.  The XML-Spreadsheet is an extremely simple XML format to 
convey as faithfully as possible the content and structure of original 
spreadsheets.  This allows all the power XML tools, utilities, 
processors, systems and knowledge to be used easily on the content of 

This XML-Spreadsheet is generated based on the spreadsheet file 
wd-UBL-1(1).0-IDD-2.xls found in 

The spreadsheet contains extensive works by various people worldwide who 
made the translation table possible.  The aim of generating a 
corresponding XML-Spreadsheet format is, thus, to expose the exact 
content to more facets of usage so that the translation effort could be 
further leveraged in more applications and purposes.  By storing them in 
readily processable and referenceable XML-Spreadsheet format, it is 
possible to imagine a receiving XML processor not only validating an 
incoming UBL invoice, but also translates on-the-fly the corresponding 
terms into localized languages based on contents found in 
XML-Spreadsheet.  In effect, XML-Spreadsheet multilingual translation 
table has made it possible for various XML systems to become IDD-conversant!

Possible uses of this XML-spreadsheet (especially for non-English user 
     * Translate UBL schema terms on-the-fly
     * Translate UBL instance terms within documents on-the-fly
     * Use as accurate screen  labels for user-inputs in software and 
     * Use as help-text for user-input text labels
     * Use as on-the-fly PDF translation for archival of 
incoming/outgoing UBL instances
     * Use as linguistically localized  print-outs of  e-documents, such 
as Invoice, Order
     * Others.

All comments, suggestions, feedbacks, bugs, etc are most welcome!

Chin Chee-Kai

Multilingual XML-Spreadsheet for UBL v1.0 (Download):

XML-Spreadsheet Format Description:

UBLish Project Site:

UBLish Web Site:

Kopio Project Site:

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