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Subject: Re: Fwd: [ubl-dev] [ANNC] XML-Spreadsheet for UBL v1.0 IDD draftAvailable

Hi Stephen,

Thanks much for your comments.  Later on with the release of UBLish v2.0 
alpha, you could look towards changing the spreadsheet and generating 
your own XML-Spreadsheet version for various other purposes.

Also grateful for pointing out the viewing issue.  It's not one that I 
can trace since I didn't seem to encounter any display problem.  I'm 
running on Vista, but I think most XPs would do just as well.  I've got 
some screenshots of XML-Spreadsheet of UBL v1.0 IDD as viewed on :

DreamWeaver CS3:   

Didn't install XML Spy :)  But if any one has successfully viewed the 
IDD XML-Spreadsheet on it, please  do let us know.

I'm not sure if it helps, but which version of OS and IE are you running?

Chin Chee-Kai

Stephen Green wrote:
> Hi Chee-Kai
> Congratulations on all this. Looks very useful. Personally  :-)   I
> think the XML
> Spreadsheet format you use is quite neat, simple and elegant - fairly optimal.
> Just one question (for now): Do you know what tools might be able to read the
> various encodings of the IDD XML spreadsheet? I can't find any that can read
> several different character sets on the same page. I think I have the
> right fonts
> installed (though maybe I'm wrong) but the characters don't display no matter
> which tool I use (IE, text editors, XML Spy...).
> Anyway, excellent work - thanks for sharing it with us.
> Best regards
> Steve

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