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Subject: Announce: Revised UBL 2.0 instance pruning filters

There is a section in the public review draft on UBL Customization 
that addresses a validation processing model to support forward compatibility:


Figure 20 repeats the original processing model described in the UBL 
2.0 specification.

Figure 21 illustrates a forward-compatible processing model that, 
when adopted for a deployment, allows schema-valid-based applications 
to always inspect any incoming instance for content by massaging that 
instance when it is not schema valid to begin with.  Supposedly for a 
complete UBL implementation this is because the incoming document is 
an instance of a later minor version schema.  For a customized UBL 
implementation this could be either that the incoming document is an 
instance of a later minor version schema, or an instance of a more 
complete UBL that has standardized constructs not expected for the 

The crux of the forward-compatible processing model is the "version 
filter" (labeled "F"):  a pruning process of some kind (depicted as 
an XSLT process but really could be implemented in any programming 
language) used to remove from the incoming UBL instance any 
constructs not recognized by the deployed version or customization of UBL.

I'm pleased to announce today Crane Softwrights Ltd.'s latest release 
of UBL 2.0 instance pruning filters in both XSLT and the Python 
programming language (you need only use one of the two, not both):


Those who are reviewing the UBL Customization guidelines through 
experimentation can use these filters "off the shelf" without 
modification to prune non-UBL-2.0 constructs from an XML 
document.  This latest release addresses extension pruning 
deficiencies in the release from over a year ago, found in some 
recent experimentation.

Feedback is welcome.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . Ken

cc: UBL TC, UBL Dev

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