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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] looking for practical examples

Thanks for the feedback guys,

I think I'm just going to use the Catalogue document for this job as I
think it fulfils my requirements without any shoehorning required. As
the whole "Catalogue" is exported every time with the stock count in
my particular situation then perhaps it is valid.

The ContentUnitQuantity, OrderQuantityIncrementNumeric,
MinimumOrderQuantity, MaximumOrderQuantity nodes seem to be related to
inventory. MaximumOrderQuantity is functionally equivalent to a
StockLevel as both define how much can be sold. In any case this is
how I'll use it. Perhaps if any of the newer documents, that Ken
mentioned, does this job better then I might consider the move to that
in the future, but obviously no promises.

I am tempted to spend the next couple of week diving into XML schema
creation, extension points and what have you but I've already spent
too much time on this and need to start implementing something before
the week is out. This will also bring to light weather the UBL
Catalogue is going to fit the bill faster than theoretical

I Shall report my results when I'm through.

thanks again for your thoughts on this



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