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Subject: RE: [ubl-dev] Catalog examples


Most of the real-world experience is found among those who do supplier "on

A Gartner document on third party companies doing
integration/interoperability services is at
http://mediaproducts.gartner.com/reprints/gxs/157093.html . Most currently
do earlier versions of UBL's predecessor standard - xCBL.

There are specialty companies that do supplier/catalog on-boarding for
particular industries - for example, see Quadrem (targeted at the mining
industry). The now defunct company CommerceOne pretty well swept the third
party marketplace industry, so xCBL is prevalent.

SAP and SAP users have a lot of experience, probably mostly with xCBL and a
key subset of xCBL, OCI (open catalog interface). For example, see

Note that OCI has to do with "realtime" access to supplier catalogs through
"Roundtrip" often termed "Punchout"). Below is a sample OCI catalog

It may be that the company operating the inventory process to which you are
integrating has some prior relationships to one or another of these
"on-boarding" processes.

The XML is all, from a human perspective, substantively pretty much the
same. Obviously it may parse differently or embody different data standards
or business rules that in some way is fatal to machine interoperability.

						Fulton Wilcox
						Colts Neck Solutions LLC

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> 
- <BusinessDocument>
- <Catalog>
- <Product ProductType="Service">
  <Description>Installation of Hard Disks</Description> 
- <ShoppingBasketItem RefVendorDescription="0">
  <Quantity UoM="HUR">5.3</Quantity> 
- <NetPrice>
  <Price Currency="USD">900</Price> 
- <Quote>
  <ItemText Language="EN">Only basic installation is included. 6 months
- <VendorDescription ID="0">
  <PartnerProductID Code="Other">648570</PartnerProductID> 
  <PartnerID Code="Other">405995</PartnerID> 
- <Product ProductType="Good">
  <ProductID Code="Buyer">CER02</ProductID> 
- <ShoppingBasketItem RefVendorDescription="2"
  <Quantity UoM="PCE">52</Quantity> 
- <NetPrice>
  <Price Currency="EUR">800</Price> 
- <Quote>
- <ManufacturerDescription ID="3">
  <PartnerProductID Code="Other">222</PartnerProductID> 
  <PartnerID Code="Other">405992</PartnerID> 
- <VendorDescription ID="2">
  <PartnerProductID Code="Other">12345</PartnerProductID> 
  <PartnerID Code="Other">405990</PartnerID> 
- <Product ProductType="Good">
  <Description Language="EN">Palm Pilot (the third item)</Description> 
- <ShoppingBasketItem RefManufacturerDescription="4">
  <Quantity UoM="EA">73</Quantity> 
- <NetPrice>
  <Price Currency="GBP">225</Price> 
  <Quote /> 
  <ItemText Language="EN">The award-winning Palm Computing organizers,
designed as companion products to personal computers, enable mobile users to
manage their schedules, contacts and other critical personal and business
information on their desktops and remotely. Palm Computing organizers
automatically synchronize their information's with a personal computer
locally or over a local or wide area network at the touch of a button. Their
most distinguishing features include shirt-pocket size, instant response, an
elegant graphical user interface and an innovative desktop docking cradle
which facilitates two way synchronization between the PC and
- <ManufacturerDescription ID="4">
  <PartnerProductID Code="Other">12345</PartnerProductID> 
  <PartnerID Code="Other">405992</PartnerID> 

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more business rules and exactly the same XML?

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