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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] Catalog examples

there is not a definitive code list for dimensions - which is why UBL 
does not specify them.  So you will have to create your own.

the best I can do is point you to the UN/ECE recommendations for 
Space-Time in Units of Measure.   This lists length, breadth, height, 
thickness, radius, radius of curvature, cartesian coordinates, diameter, 
length of path, distance and some  others - but sets no code value for 
them (why not just the full term? - eg Height instead of HT)

for background you can check out...

andy standley wrote:
> Tim
> Sorry - I meant the AttributeID not attributes in general.
> The unit codes are defined in CodeList_UnitCode_UNECE_7_04.xsd but we 
> do not have codes for dimension terms and for properties such as 
> colours to work with. So is the best option to define a scheme to work 
> with such as this?
>                 <cac:MeasurementDimension><!-- mapped to product -->
>                     <cbc:AttributeID schemeID="XXX" 
> schemeName="DIMENSIONS">HT</cbc:AttributeID>
>                     <cbc:Measure unitCode="MMT">200</cbc:Measure>
>                     <cbc:Description>Height</cbc:Description>
>                 </cac:MeasurementDimension>
> andy 
> 2009/2/24 Tim McGrath <tim.mcgrath@documentengineeringservices.com 
> <mailto:tim.mcgrath@documentengineeringservices.com>>
>     i am not sure what you mean by this (probably because attributes
>     is an overloaded term).
>     andy standley wrote:
>          There are well defined unitCodes, but not for attributes?
>         thanks
>         andy
fn:Tim McGrath
org:Document Engineering Services Ltd.
title:Managing Director
tel;work:+61 893352228
tel;cell:+61 438 352228

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