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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] Test Assertions for UBL Calculation Model?

If we have to implement TAs ourselves then catering for
layers of modular TAs externally referenced may well be
too difficult. Easy enough to flatten them out (can probably
do it quite simply using XSLT). If you want to start with
flattened TAs then fine. Could just use one single TA Set
and copy all the TAs into it you need (even from elsewhere
like copying in any of the TAs in my example) - and doing
a bit more work on the prerequisites (might just need some
duplication of prerequisites). The TAs might be more atomic
that way and very easy to implement, say with XProc using
the 'filter' and/or 'xslt' XProc built-ins. On the other hand, if
you wait a bit you'll probably find some decent TA processors
appearing in a bit of time.
Stephen D Green

2009/9/23 JAVEST by Roberto Cisternino <roberto@javest.com>
I find too difficult to implement TA when many external reference are available.

I think a run-time artifact should be more compact.

The TA characteristics you are describing seems to me more useful for a library of TAs.

It's just my opinion...

thanks for your efforts with this !


StephenGreen ha scritto:
I wouldn't disagree with any of this but just to note I'm working
with TAG TC at the moment (still too early to predict success) on
modularity of test assertions. Take for instance my package of
(latest version:
These assertions could be a core set and another set in another
file could reference these as test assertion external references.
The set of assertions which references the core could be part of
a customisation and could qualify the core assertion main set of
any set (test assertion set) with prerequisites (which have to be 
true for the referenced assertions to be considered relevant for

The latest draft of the Test Assertion Markup Language (v0.7)

has what I hope might prove to be the necessary constructs
(testAssertionRef and children) for making such refs to external
test assertions (see bottom of this archive of my email to TAG TC
http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/tag/200909/msg00041.html  )

It's early days but there are other groups already making use of this 
kind of test assertion methodology, just not yet using this particular
markup. Admittedly external test assertion references in executable
test assertions might be a bit advanced so need to proceed carefully.

Best regards

Stephen D Green

JAVEST by Roberto Cisternino <roberto@javest.com> 22/09/09 22:41

I think we should provide "at least" the main assertions to avoid

There are information very easy to map in UBL, others are more

Many people do not read UBL annotations available on each schema, this

reason it is easy to get confused by some data structures.

The profile should not broke the main structure provided for UBL

Profiles should not broke main concepts...

It is fine we do not apply too many mandatory fields, but some relevant

data should be clearly mentioned in the specification and I think there

is a small set of assertions that we should provide (at least as a 
written indication)

To explain me better, I think we should print the annotations of some 
relevant information items in the specification, to underline the use
that specific information.

Oriol Bausą ha scritto:
I do not know if we can do this on the full UBL data model... maybe 
this has to be done when working on customizations...

El 18/09/2009, a las 15:00, Stephen Green escribió:

What we lack is the conformance profiles which close them off

with a conformance profile and make them concrete for testing.

Or interoperability profiles, etc. So in effect 'just add subset'
probable more TAs).

How much of this do we want to do?

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JAVEST by Roberto Cisternino

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