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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] Question about the entity CommodityClassification


please find below some hints.

Roberto Cisternino

ericdes ha scritto:
4AEE7FE3.8020507@vcardprocessor.com" type="cite">Hello,

I'm a little bit surprised to see that an item may have several commodity classifications while I don't see any attribute in the entity CommodityClassification to inform about the agency responsible for a particular commodity classification. So how do we differentiate between the possible several commodity classifications in an item?
Inside each CommodityClassification there are different kind of classification by nature, cargo type, commodity or item.

For instance the cbc:CommodityCode is an harmonized code (in EU is called TARIC) and can be qualified by a rich set of attributes coming from the CodeType which is a codelist-based code.

The attribute listAgencyID is what you need.
4AEE7FE3.8020507@vcardprocessor.com" type="cite">
Also, the documentation on UBL-2.0 (Section 4.1.1 Items) states that item may have multiple classifications. Are we talking about the commodity classification or another entity?
There are several identifications and classifications.
The aggregate CommodityClassification contains all available classifications you may have.
4AEE7FE3.8020507@vcardprocessor.com" type="cite">
Thank you,
Eric Desgranges
Tela-Group http://tela-goup.com

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