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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] makeaneinvoice.com

Wonderful site/provision. Congratulations!

A few comments:

I think there should be a question/answer in the FAQ about
why the expiration data is needed (for the signature, not for
the UBL invoice).

It isn't clear what is the "Total" in "Total Summary" section

I think there should be a question/answer in the FAQ about
why the party Fiscal id is needed (for the signature, not for
the UBL invoice? the UBL invoice doesn't make it mandatory).

It isn't immediately clear that you have to click "add an invoice
line" before the invoice line gets added (it is ambiguous - add
invoice line could mean 'add another invoice line' - so if there
is just one line it isn't obvious you have to click this). It does
quickly become apparent though that you have to click this
when you look at the total which doesn't include the line
amount until you click it.

Maybe you should ask people to create a userid and login
but you also need an assurance of whether the data people
enter is stored against their userid if you do that (see also next

I think you need to include a privacy policy statement to
ensure people are aware what happens to data they enter -
whether it is stored on the server, who might have access to it
and how long it is stored. Maybe something about this in the
FAQ too. Maybe you should have a checkbox for the user to
tick to state that they have read and agree to the privacy policy
before they can continue to create the invoice. It also needs to
include assurance of what will be done with their certificate -
whether it is stored on the site server at all and who can access
it, etc.

Some people might want some assurance of how long this site
will likely be available and whether it will always be free to use.

Maybe also make it clearer that the invoice produced is a UBL
2.0 one since only people whose systems can process UBL 2.0
can receive the invoice this way - but I realise that accompanying
it with a PDF might alleviate this a bit.

All in all it is so excellent to have such a web facility available.

Many thanks.

Best regards
Stephen D Green

2009/11/4 Enxendra Technologies <info@enxendra.com>:
> Hello,
> Enxendra has done a free web site to make signed UBL 2.0 invoices:
> www.makeaneinvoice.com
> You can make the invoices with or without signature. To generate the
> signature you only need a digital certificate.
> We thank Ken Holman and Oriol Bausą their help.
> Any comments about the web are welcomed.
> Thanks.
> Enxendra Technologies
> www.enxendra.com

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