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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] problem standard

Thank you for your perceptive analysis of the specifications.  I am 
pleased you have found an error which we can correct in the UBL 2.1 

In fact, table 2 (and Figure 19) are correct but Table 1 Row 15 is 
missing the Forwarding Instructions being received (and, the same 
applies to the Waybill being sent)

There are cases where a Freight Forwarder acts as the intermediary, as 
it says in the notes in Table 2. "Note that this document may also be 
issued by a forwarder or shipping agent in their capacity as a Transport 
Service Buyer".

Of course this does mean the Forwarder issues a Forwarding instruction 
to themselves.  Just that whether the Forwarder receives or sends 
depends on the context of use.

elisa blasi wrote:
> Hi I have got a problem: in the table 1 row 15, the freight forwarder 
> receives Bill of Lading, Waybill and Packing list, but in the table 2 
> (Document types) the freight forwarder receives also the forwarding 
> instructions.Is there an error?
> I'm analyzing a scenario order management and I am confused about the 
> documents exchanged between two freight forwarders.Can you help me? I 
> think that the only exchanged document is the forwarding instructions, 
> is true?
> Thanks a lot.
> elisa blasi 
fn:Tim McGrath
org:Document Engineering Services Ltd.
title:Managing Director
tel;work:+45 36 95 33 58
tel;cell:+61 438 352228

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