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Subject: Forecoming XAdES-CAdES remote interoperability event

Dear all, please find below a copy of the notification of the forecoming 
XAdES-CAdES remote interoperability event organized by ETSI CTI.

No need to emphasize how convenient it would  be for those subscribers 
of of this list directly involved in the implementation of the UBL XAdES 
profile, to participate in order to actually meet with other XAdES 
implementers and test your XAdES tools.  Past XAdES remote events have 
proved very fruitful for participants that have had the occasion of 
meeting together and deeply discuss on the most relevant issues of XAdES 
specification, as well as of raising suggestions to the standardization 
committee to impact the forecoming standardization process itself. 
Participants may bring their signed UBL documents  with enveloped or 
dettached XAdES signatures to the plugtest event, and directly check the 
interoperability in terms of XAdES signatures with other XAdES providers 
out there....

Should you have any comment or question, do not hesitate in contacting 
Edwige Poinssot or Laurent Velez.

Best regards

Juan Carlos.

PSD: Please note that I am currently on holidays until first days of 


Dear all,

ETSI's Centre for Testing and Interoperability (CTI) is organizing two 
new remote Plugtests(tm) events for the advanced electronic signature 
techniques, XAdES and CAdES. The events will run in parallel from 25th 
October to 5th November 2010 and are open to ETSI members and non-members.

The XAdES event aims at conducting interoperability test cases on XAdES 
signatures: these will include a set of specific test cases related to 
XAdES v1.3.2 and to the latest version of the XAdES v1.4.1 
specification. The CAdES event will involve interoperability tests on 
CAdES v1.7.4 and the new v1.8.1 implementations. Both events will have 
an extended test coverage of the specifications and will include testing 
signatures evolution, simulating real life situations.
All information relating to this event is available via the event 
website which you may access via the link below:


This is a remote event and each participating company will be able to 
upload and download the signatures and verifications from the dedicated 
portal. The portal is reachable via this link http://xades-portal.etsi.org

A mailing list has also been set up and you will find details on how to 
join this list and participate in the technical discussions via this link:


If you have any questions or need any further information please do not 
hesitate to contact me and I will be very happy to help.
Best regards

Edwige Poinssot
Interop Event Co-Ordinator
Centre for Testing and Interoperability

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