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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] questions about DespatchAdvice for an Implementation inItaly (Delivery note for worked component/DDT Reso da conto lavorazione)

Dear All,
after (long) thinking about it, we decided to use simply (brutally) the internal code list of  the software used by the despatch party, whatever it is.
The software the receives the UBL despatchAdvice will have to keep a mapping between its internal code list and the despatcherCode list.
I think this is the best and easiest solution. Indeed the start up will be very quick ( you have to map only the 2 or 3 values that you use in the 99% of the cases).
In case you receive a new type of despatchAdvice, you will have simply to add a new pair in the mapping table.
So for example, when the company B-w.e.l.d.i.n.g.s.-inc despatch the welded frames,
the portion of xml will look like this:
 listName="internal codes in software at despatcher side"
 name="CONTO LAVORAZIONE">17</cbc:DespatchAdviceTypeCode>
regards - Fabio

On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 8:50 PM, Roberto Cisternino <roberto@javest.com> wrote:
Dear Fabio,

the semantic meaning and original function of the despatch advice are
related to the advice of despatch of goods not services.

All of these terms are related to an "electronic delivery note":

- Despatch Advice
- Ship Notice
- Advance Ship Notice ("ASN")

P.S. Anyway this is not exaclty a transport document like the waybill...

The italian DDT example you reported is always related to goods even if
transported due to a work order.

The codelist you could use is the following as it is well supported in
Italy by the ANGAISA consortium.

In the future this and other codelists could be governed by a national
cross industry consortium.

At this stage this is my suggestion:

100 Vendita
200 Reso da accreditare
210 Reso c/riparazione
220 Reso c/lavorazione
230 Reso c/sostituzione
240 Reso c/sostituzione in garanzia
300 In conto visione

Best regards

UBL ITLSC co-chair
Roberto Cisternino
>     Hi Arrianna,
> thank you for the list. I checked it, but I was not able to find what I am
> searching for.
> I guess maybe this is the first time anybody has this problem !?
> I mean, maybe up to know UBL ( and any EDI ) has been used only in case of
> selling goods,
> not for some kind of processing( paiting, chroming, welding...). This
> means,
> all despatch advices were
> meant to be of "sell" type.
> I'll try to search some more on the EDIFACT documentation, but I think I
> will have to set up my own code list :-/
> regards
> On Mon, Jun 21, 2010 at 12:37 PM, Arianna Brutti
> <arianna.brutti@enea.it>wrote:
>> Good morning Mr Ferronato,
>> UBL specification doesn't recomend a code list for the Despatch Advice
>> Type
>> Code.
>> My suggestion is to check if the UN/ECE 1001 code list could be useful
>> for
>> your purpose:
>> http://www.unece.org/trade/untdid/d00a/tred/tred1001.htm
>> Important: remember to specify the code list you are using by the
>> attribute
>> listID, etc. ...
>> Best regards
>> Arianna Brutti
>> il Sun, 13 Jun 2010 23:14:51 +0200 (CEST)
>>  "Roberto Cisternino" <roberto@javest.com> ha scritto:
>>>  Dear Mr. Ferronato,
>>> maybe you could be interested into UBL ITLSC (Italian Localization
>>> Subcommittee) which is available in Italy since 2006.
>>> By the way, if you need an advanced DDT I would suggest the UBL WayBill
>>> which is intended for international transport (lettera di vettura),
>>> this
>>> way you will be sure all your data will be supported.
>>> You are right about the "Despatch Advice Type Code" but many code list
>>> in
>>> UBL are just a place holder, thus are not provided with the Standard.
>>> In fact codelists are decoupled from the document model and this
>>> provides
>>> more robust and extensible business documents.
>>> You can use a local (national) codelist, or you can agree a codelist
>>> with
>>> your partners.
>>> I suggest to contact the UBL ITLSC co-chair "arianna.brutti@enea.it"
>>> that
>>> could be aware of an existing codelists implemented into other italian
>>> UBL
>>> adoptions.
>>> Best regards
>>> co-chair
>>> Roberto Cisternino
>>>   Hi All,
>>>> I work in a middle sized Italian company and I would like to use UBL
>>>> for
>>>> exchanging data with our suppliers.
>>>> All examples/documentation about UBL seem to talk about "selling"
>>>> goods.
>>>> In my implementation instead we need to exchange data with suppliers
>>>> that
>>>> do
>>>> some working on the components that we send to them.
>>>> The first document that I would like to implement is the Delivery Note
>>>> (Italian: DDT or Documento Di Trasporto).
>>>> I was able to map *NEARLY* all data to a UBL DespatchAdvice, but there
>>>> are
>>>> some things that I am not able to find and are:
>>>> [list begin]
>>>> - date of starting shipment:
>>>>  I am not able to find it. Even in the section Consigment
>>>>  There is already a field  "issue Date" but I use it to indicate when
>>>> the
>>>> delivery note was issued.
>>>>  The real start of shipment is in many cases the day after
>>>> - price:
>>>>  Typically it is *NOT* shown on the Delivery Note, but however I would
>>>> like
>>>> to have it here.
>>>>  Is there any field for it  ?
>>>> - kind of delivery note:
>>>>  Some of our suppliers sell us goods (part of chairs)
>>>>         or
>>>>  we send them some row material, they work it and then send it us back
>>>>  In the first case the delivery note is type "sell" [Italian: DDT di
>>>> vendita]
>>>>  In the second case the delivery note is type "work" (proper English
>>>> terminology?) [however in Italian is DDT *Reso* da conto
>>>> *lavorazione*].
>>>> There are also many other kinds of delivery note.Where can I set this
>>>> in
>>>> the
>>>> DespatchAdvice ?
>>>> I think in the Despatch Advice Type Code, but where can I find a
>>>> standard
>>>> list of possible values ?
>>>> [list end]
>>>> Here below I write a typical example.
>>>> Involved companies are:
>>>> A-c.h.a.i.r.s.-corp
>>>> B-w.e.l.d.i.n.g.s.-inc
>>>> C-p.a.i.t.i.n.g.-corp
>>>> Company "A-c.h.a.i.r.s.-corp" wants to produce some metal chairs and
>>>> cuts
>>>> some metal tubes,
>>>> which are sent to "B-w.e.l.d.i.n.g.s.-inc", where they have to be
>>>> welded
>>>> together.
>>>> Then "B-w.e.l.d.i.n.g.s.-inc" welds together the tubes and produce a
>>>> chair
>>>> metal frame.
>>>> The metal frames are sent to "C-p.a.i.t.i.n.g.-corp" to be painted in
>>>> black.
>>>> Company "A-c.h.a.i.r.s.-corp" would like to know rapidly how many
>>>> chair
>>>> metal frames have been sent
>>>> from "B-w.e.l.d.i.n.g.s.-inc"
>>>> to "C-p.a.i.t.i.n.g.-corp"
>>>> using a DespatchAdvice UBL document.
>>>> thank you in advance for helping with the 3 fields and for any other
>>>> comments,
>>>> Fabio Ferronato
>>>> Armet s.p.a.
>>>> -ITALY-
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