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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] Representing taxable freight charges in an Invoice

The documentation is fairly clear and as Tim interprets it.  Freight charges in Invoices for goods are defined under Allowances&Charges.  The Freight Invoice is for where the item is specifically for transport services.

On 29/10/2010 12:58 PM, Roberto Cisternino wrote:
64859." type="cite">
Thank you Tim,

I believed that was your scenario and I wanted provide you the elements to

Best regards


           If the intention is that all invoices that attract delivery
charges should be represented by
 FreightInvoice, then this could be made clearer in the UBL documentation.

 In section 4.6.1, "Billing Business Rules Assumed" it discusses
packaging, delivery/postage,
 and freight in the context of Invoice.  No mention is made of

 Section 4.6.4, "Freight Billing" talks about using Freight Invoices, in
the context of transport
 service providers invoicing customers for logistics services, not for the
goods being transported.

 Section 4.11. "Document Types" describes FreightInvoice as "A document
issued by a transport
 operation specifying freight costs and charges incurred for a transport
operation and stating
 conditions of payment."



 Roberto Cisternino wrote:    Generally speaking it is a bad idea to
change the semantic meaning of a business document, in UBL 2.0 and UBL
2.1 the FreightInvoice is the best for freights. Technically speaking the
Invoice and FreightInvoice differs just for one aggregate "Shipment"
which is exaclty containing he requirements for freight practices. I add
also that if anyone should choose an invoice for advanced cross-border
that document is the FreightInvoice. OIOUBL is not a good reason for not
using it if you are not implementing their profile...  In your sample you
can choose between filling up teh TaxCategory inside the AllowanceCharge
(for simple cases) or the TaxCategory available inside
TaxTotal/TaxSubTotal (for more complex cases with subtotals)  The
TaxTotal aggregate has the same structure of the one you find on the line
items.  best regards                    Thanks for the response. I'd
ruled out FreightInvoice earlier as for my purposes, freight is treated
as just another line item.  Looks like neither OIOUBL nor NESUBL use it
either.   Here is the updated example as per your other suggestions:
      true          Freight          10.00               10.00
       GST                 1.00             true          Untaxed freight
         10.00               00.00                   GST
0.00     Also, whats the rationale behind including TaxCategory in
AllowanceCharge but not on InvoiceLine?  On InvoiceLine it looks like it
must be specified via the TaxSubtotal, requiring elements to be
duplicated.  From the UBL-Invoice-2.0-Example.xml:      100.00
17.50          true               100.00              17.50
    A                       UK VAT                      VAT         .....
  Thanks,   Tim   Roberto Cisternino wrote:    please remove the 2nd row
of my answer... sorry            Hello, as the TaxAmount is separated by
th 1st of all I believe you are using an UBL-FreightInvoice-2.0  The
FreightInvoice is exaclty an UBL Invoice with an additional aggregate
called "Shipment" where you can find a specific "FreightAllowanceCharge"
data structure. GST is a scheme of tax, so you have to explode the
TaxTotal and specify the TaxCategory where you can put a percentage and
expand the TaxScheme to specify "GST" on its ID.  You can further fill up
the TaxCategory with further information related to the GST category use
case.  Hope this helps,  Roberto Cisternino                  Hi all,
how is freight typically represented in an Invoice? I want to represent
freight costs which may or may not attract 10% GST.  E.g:
true Freight with GST         10.00                      1.00
true         Freight without GST         50.00       I'm assuming that
the AllowanceCharge/Amount and
Invoice/LegalMonetaryTotal/ChargeTotalAmount exclude tax. Is this valid?
Thanks,  Tim
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