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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] Representing taxable freight charges in an Invoice

At 2010-10-29 11:26 +1100, Tim Anderson wrote:
>G. Ken Holman wrote:
>>At 2010-10-29 09:54 +1100, Tim Anderson wrote:
>>>Also, whats the rationale behind including TaxCategory in 
>>>AllowanceCharge but not on InvoiceLine?
>>>On InvoiceLine it looks like it must be specified via the 
>>>TaxSubtotal, requiring elements to be duplicated.
>>The structure supports a total tax for the line item plus a 
>>breakdown of how that tax was calculated.  In my jurisdiction there 
>>used to be PST and GST (provincial sales tax and goods and services 
>>tax), so there would be a total tax and a breakdown of the two 
>>components.  Now that there is only HST, there is both the total 
>>and a one-item breakdown, just as above.  The type of tax is 
>>described in the breakdown.
>>Remember that in UBL the recipient must not do any calculations on 
>>the values received:  the UBL instance conveys both the components 
>>of a total and the total itself.  The recipient should find 
>>*everything* they need in the instance without doing any arithmetic.
>Does this apply to orders? The order LineItem just specifies a tax 
>total without describing how it was arrived at.
>Or is this supposed to be inferred from the customer's PartyTaxScheme?

I hope one of the business experts on the UBL TC will respond to this 
with a confirmation, but I *believe* the answer is that the party 
placing the order can only really estimate what the taxes might 
be.  I believe the ordering party cannot constrain the invoicing 
party on what the tax breakdown is, so that in an order the tax value 
is simply a placeholder of some kind.

If you feel that the order line item is incomplete, please use the 
committee comment form and send in your thoughts for 
consideration.  We are in the first public review draft for UBL 2.1 
and all public input will be very helpful to us:


But, again, I hope one of the business experts will respond ... I'm 
just one of the angle-bracket-guys on the committee.

. . . . . . . . . . Ken

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