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Subject: Re: [ubl-dev] PricingCurrencyCode vs. LineExtensionAmount.currencyID

At 2011-12-06 16:21 +0100, ericdes wrote:
Is what you call user communities something related to implementing various UBL profiles?

Related, yes, but the two are not the same noun.

A user community chooses the choreographies of messages that are to be sent between member trading partners in different scenarios. Each choreography defines a profile of using UBL (a subset of its elements) and will use a particular configuration of each message participating in that exchange. Sometimes the same profile of a message is used in multiple choreographies.

Consider in Europe government procurement (the user community being the governments and those who do business with those governments), the BII 2 project at http://www.cenbii.eu is defining a new set of profiles for messages based on the results of the BII 1 project found here:


Where you can find the definitions of the profiles in section 4.3 of this PDF:


You can see a list of profiles of messages for the choreographies here:


Now, I had thought (and have been telling people) that the profile of the UBL Invoice in the "BII04 Basic Invoice Only" choreography was different than the profile of the UBL Invoice in the "BII19 Advanced Procurement" choreography, but a quick look today at that page indicates that isn't the case. Today I see on that page that both profiles of Invoice point to BiiCoreTrdm010, without distinction. This surprises me.

Perhaps someone in the BII project who reads this list can cite an example of two different collections of elements specified for a single UBL document are found in two different profiles. Or, has it been determined in BII that a given UBL document shall have the same content constraints (subset) in all profiles where that document is used?

So ... the terminology can be quite confusing. Certainly the user community and the profiles are different things. However, "profile" can be used to refer to the choreography of messages or to the UBL document subset used in a given choreography. Personally, I like profile to refer to the subset rather than the choreography, but more people feel that the profile refers both to the choreography and to the document subset.

Oh, and when you put a bunch of profiles together, as the BII folks have done, you have "a UBL customization". So, a user community creates a UBL customization containing profiles (choreographies) which use UBL document subsets as needed.

I hope you find this helpful. And I hope someone from BII can add their observations as well.

. . . . . . . . . Ken

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